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inning to tell on me, and I felt that the change from the thickly-populated 204 district to the practically uninhabited country which was the hunting-ground of the Wanderobo would be very welcome. We had to take a lot of food with us, and every man had to carry a load, as no flour was to be bought from the Wand

erobo, who live entirely upon flesh. I also got a few of Wagombi’s people to carry some flour and other things that we should require, but they were to return home when we had decided upon the site for our headquarter camp, as we should make a food station there. Of


g, and this partly influenced me in deciding to
addition to all these reasons I had a strong de

course, I could have shot plenty of game, but the Kikuyu would not eat it, being in most cases vegetarians. Having got everything ready for the expedition and said a lot of farewells—Wagombi being very sorry that I was leaving his part of the country—we started off

re into the wilds and out amongst the game. I was not feel ing too well, as t
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